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 The Woody James Warren Foundation ~ Bringing Hope and a Future

    The foundation's founder, Shirley Warren, of Ojai, California, overheard a discussion between two seniors waiting in the veterinary clinic with their pets. One woman discussed how perhaps she herself could get along with taking less of her own medication so she could afford the medication needed for her pet.

     Her love and devotion to her pet was to the point that she was willing to go with less of her own medicine in order to provide for her pet. No one should have to make decisions that could seriously impact their own health, nor should they be forced by financial constraints to withhold medical care from their beloved pet.

     Recalling this scenario was how the concept of forming an organization to assist senior citizens with veterinary costs was first formulated. In late spring of 2006, the death of Shirley's beloved cat, Woody James, was what moved the foundation toward becoming a reality.

     Something good bearing Woody's name, something that would help others, needed to be created. A board of directors formed and the Woody James Warren Foundation was born. 

About the Founder

    Shirley Warren is a degreed Environmental Scientist, and has worked in concert with animal rescue and wildlife groups throughout the years volunteering with direct rescue, fostering, rehabilitation, education, and adoptions.  In Shirleys' own words her life driven code of ethic is this:  


"All of Gods' creation deserves the dignity and respect He intended. 

    Sometimes we must intervene in desperate circumstances, other times we must stand back quietly allowing them to live out their lives safely and naturally, and there are times when we must speak-up and be a voice for the animals. 

    Because to remain silent would be as damning as the one committing wrong." 





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